Tianjin Yunkai Resin Technology Co.. Ltd (here in after "YUNKAI") is a high and new technology enterprise. YUNKAI has been working on the research, development and manufacture of resin for several years,is one of the earliest manufacturers in China.We have a group of excellent specialists and technicians. YUNKAI has set up bio-separation lab with some universities of China.There are advanced production method, good management system, high automatic level and complete QA system insides YUNKAI. ...

                        Tianjin Yunkai Resin Technology Co ., Ltd

                        Contact:Manager Liu



                        what's app: +86-18512265831


                        skype: tjyunkai@gmail.com


                        Address:Tianjin Binhai New Area, Tianjin, China


                        • 001X7
                        • 201x7
                        • AB-8
                        • D001
                        • D101
                        • D201R
                        • DR-22
                        • H103
                        • NKC-9
                        • D401
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